Wednesday, 5 March 2014

It's definitely working (whatever it is) !!!

Over the last 5 weeks there has been a significant acceleration in my progress. Why? I can't be sure, but it coincides with me:
- re-starting meridian resistive stretching with Viv Spanopoulos (who's returned from Boston to Singapore for a few months)
- switching my meds (off Baclofen, onto Norgesic, which is a mix of paracetemol and a skeletal muscle relaxant - midler than Baclofen, which left me sluggish, but for seemingly good effects)
- continuing on with the great work with Swee, who continues to help me mix it up to increase my range and speed of movement and response and improve stability and control
- also continuing to see Elaine every 3 weeks or so for her fantastic physio/ bodywork,  whilst still finding benefits from the trauma release and other exercises she gets me to do.

Swee and Viv have both noticed it. Others have too. Here's the evidence - this is just a small selection from a long list of firsts and bests over the last couple of months!

This is from just before Christmas……

Last week, I did lots of work on slopes, including a traverse across a 45 degree incline - I'll explain what that's all about soon (some very exciting news to come)

And this morning, there was all sorts of stuff going on……. first time doing this step/jump/ land exercise

….. better jack knifes than before (much better)…..

….. this was really hard work, and you can see how I fight against the tone, but I manage to relax out of it (which is something I could not do until a couple of weeks ago)…..

….. Swee always finds a way to add a level of difficulty……. 

…. but having said that, this exercise was nearly impossible just a few months back (my next improvement is to keep the ball behind my head)…..

…. and this was new - the first set was better than this one, but even in this one I have a level of stability and control I did not have before….

And all that was followed by 20 minutes of interval training on the spin bike!! 

So, all going really, really well right now. Whatever we are doing, it's definitely working. Long may it continue!!